The Holophane Company | Arts & Crafts Ceiling Fitting | England c.1905


An oxidised silver-plated three-branch hanging lamp, the deep central bowl with moulded marks “Holophane 6510” and “Blondel bowl”. The three satellite arms each with original shade carrier and “pineapple” Holophane lampshade. England, early c.20th.

Min Ht.61cm/24ins; diam.bowl 30/11.5; w. overall 56/22.

The Holophane Company, UK,U.S.A & France

  • In 1893, André Blondel invents the prismatic glass molding, on the principle of the Fresnel lens. The invention is patented under the name “Holophane” whose Greek roots mean “harmonious distribution of light”.

  • In 1898, Otis Mygatt, an American businessman, buys the patent and creates two companies on each side of the Atlantic for the production and sale of Holophane products.

  • Holophane Glass Co. (USA): manufacturing / sales, and Holophane Limited (UK)

  • The year 1920 sees the birth of “Holophane SA” in France. The English company (Holophane Limited) joins forces with a French industrialist to create a production site and installs glassware in Les Andelys. Holophane SA is born.

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