Rethondes (Degué) | En-Suite Plafonnier & Wall Light | France c.1930


A pate-de-verre plafonnier signed Rethondes by Degué with fitments for suspension available in brass,bronze or Chrome finish. France c1930

Diam. 33cm/13in

A matching pate-de-verre glass wall applique with acid stencilled mark “Rethondes”. France c1930

Ht.14cm/5.5in W.33/13 D.13/5

Verrerie D’art Degué, Compiègne 1919-1939

David Gueron

  • David Gueron, of Turkish origin and a former fighter of the French Foreign Legion, was the founder of the “Cristalleries De Compiegne”.

  • In 1926 Gueron founded a new factory, which he called “Verrerie D’Art Degue” and put his full attention on the designing and production of Art Deco luxury art-glass.

  • His factory was located on the “Boulevard Malesherbes” and his showroom was on the “41 rue de Paris”.

  • Gueron foolishly copied the designs of other successful French glass artists like Daum, Galle, Muller Frères and Schneider who took him to court.

  • The lengthily law process (1926-1932), cost both firms a lot of money and financially ruined both companies even though Schneider won.

  • When the Second World War started David Gueron shut his classwork and fled France and was lat seen in Paris in 1949.


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