Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the dimensions of your lights?

Answer: You will find basic dimensions for all our lights on the product information page in Centimeters & Inches. If you require more detailed dimensions of any light please email via the CONTACT US page. 

Question 2: I like a ceiling fitting but I am worried it is too large or too small for my ceiling height.

Answer: Many of our ceiling lights can be altered to make them larger or smaller, so do not dismiss them straight away. Please CONTACT US and we will happy to discuss your requirements further and give you plain honest advice about whether they can be altered to match your requirements. 

Question 3: What size wattage bulb can your lamps take?

Answer: As a rule ceiling lights will supply 180w+. Plafonniers 60-120w. Wall Lights 40-60w & Table lamps 40w Very small lamps and nightlights can usually only use a small “pygmy” bulb which has a maximum of 25w. 

Question 4: Do I need to get an electrician to rewire your lights?

Answer: No, all our lights are rewired to meet current U.K wiring regulations and our table lamps are PAT tested for you so that they can be immediately installed into your home. We do so sympathetically taking into account the design of the lamp to be restored.
Please note: Jones Antique Lighting always recommends that a qualified electrician undertakes the installation of your ceiling/wall lights and produces the necessary inspection and testing certificate.

 Question 5: I live in a foreign country which runs on 110v  do I need to have your lights rewired?

Answer: No, the wiring is perfectly safe to use, however if your country uses E.S bulb-holders instead of B.C bulb-holders then these will need to be changed. Please see question 6 for more information. 

Question 6: What types of bulb-holders are used to wire your lamps?

Answer: Unless specified all our lamps are wired with a standard U.K  B.22 Bayonet Cap (B.C) bulb-holders.

Jones Antique lighting offer an adaptation service for our international clients requiring E.12 or E.14 bulb-holders. Please note that there may be a charge for this service. If you are a foreign customer and require an adaptation please CONTACT US 

Question 7: Why do pendant lights and plafonniers often have reproduction fitments?

Answer: Pendants and plafonniers were often produced with original cord supports. Unfortunately these are now deemed electrically unsafe as they do not meet necessary modern-day standards and we are therefore unable to sell them. 

Question 8: What is the length of your pendant lights and plafonniers?

Answer: We supply as standard chain 35cm in length available in brass, chrome, bronze or oxidised brass finishes. Please CONTACT US if you require longer chain sets to be supplied. Please note an additional cost for this service may apply. 

Question 9: I have seen a set of wall lights/ lampshades/pair of hanging fittings/table lamps that I like but I only need one. Will you consider selling it to me?

Answer: Generally the answer is unfortunately no, all our lights are sold as described e.g. singles, pairs, etc. Occasionally we may be prepared to split a set of wall lights, etc., and provide a quote, but Jones Antique Lighting reserves the right not to do so.
Question 10: I have seen some fittings (metalwork) I would like to purchase but don’t require the lampshades. Will you consider selling them to me? What about selling only the glass lampshades?
Answer: We would often be prepared to quote a price for a fitting only, but reserve the right not to do so. However, it is unlikely that we would be prepared to sell the glass lampshades from a fitting. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US and we will be happy to advise you further.

Question 11: I have seen a light fitting that I like but I don’t like the glass lampshades. Can I change the shades for others I have seen on your site or can you advice me of some alternatives?

Answer: If you have seen an alternative lampshade or set of lampshades that you prefer for a fixture you wish to purchase or you want advice on alternative shades for a fixture then we may be able to help. 

Question 12: What do you mean when you say your lights are restored?

Answer: Often lights arrive to us in a bad state of repair. At Jones Antique Lighting we take pride in restoring all our lights to their former glory. Our aim is to present an honest representation of every light from when it was first made. This often involves using a specialist engineer to make essential repairs, polishing, lacquering, re-plating and cleaning. 

Question 13: What is an “Defected” item?

Answer: A light which Jones Antique Lighting deems to have a “significant defect” will be explained in the product description.

Significant defects may include: Cracks, chips, paint marks, scratches, burns, colour imperfections, water marks & stains to glass, marble or alabaster. Dents, bends, scratches, missing parts, burns & patination variations to metalwork. Glued, soldered, welded or moulded restorations to glass, marble, alabaster or metalwork.

A “significant defect” is one that is considered by Jones Antique Lighting to reduce the value of a light because of it.

Lights described “AS FOUND” will always be advertised at a reduced price (to its normal market price), to reflect its reduced value caused by the significant defect. 

Question 14: What is a “SIMILAR” item?

Answer: Jones Antique Lighting will always describe items as “Similar” if they are not identical and Jones Antique Lighting deem the difference to be a significant one.

Differences may include: colour, size, pattern or shape of glass. size,shape, patination or design of metalwork 

Question 15: I have a light to sell would you be interested?

Answer: Yes, If you are looking to sell an antique lamp, including any old lampshades you may have, please CONTACT US directly via email to Please make sure you include photograph/s, details of the lights condition and your asking price.

Please note: Jones Antique Lighting will never make offers for lights. 

Question 16: Do you offer a Valuation Service?

Answer: Yes, If you require a formal valuation for personal or insurance purposes we offer this service for £35.

Question 17: What is your Returns Policy & Delivery Charges?

Answer: Please see our Deliveries and Returns in the Customer Services section of our Website.