Ezan (Jean Gauthier) | 2 Small Art Deco Wall Lights | France c.1935


A pair of small art deco opalescent glass wall appliques by établissement Jean Gauthier (E.J.G), Ezanville (Ezan). France c1930.
(N.B max 25 w bulb)

Ht. 9cm/3.5in W.18/7

Etablissement Jean Gauthier (E.J.G & Ezan)

Rue J.Robert, Paris & Ezanville

  • Jean Gauthier had his first workshop at 12-14 rue Jean Robert in Paris and later expanded with factories in the town of Ezanville.

  • In the early days just after the first world war Gauthier made cameo shades that were sometimes signed Gauthier.

  • Jean Gauthier focused on the production of art deco glassware in moulded-pressed glass.

  • Glass was signed E.J.G for Etablissements Jean Gauthier and J.Robert  based on the street name of the first workshop.

  • In the 30s Gauthier started a line of opalescent art deco glass in a more modernist style these are often signed EZAN France, based on the city of the second plant.

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