Maxonade Verrier D’Art, Paris | 2 Similar Art Deco Plafonniers | France c.1930 | Price for 1


Two very similar polychrome-enamelled plafonniers with a design of stylised roses and leaves; enamelled designer’s mark “Maxonade, Paris.” France, c1935.


Maxonade Verrier D’art, Paris 1930

  • Maxonade Verrier d’Art was located at the 54 bis Rue Labrouste Paris
  • The bowls of many chandeliers, also of the famous Eddé company (Eduard Dannhauser), were produced by Maxonade.
  • Maxonade was a modernist Art Deco lighting company specialising in enamelled  hand-painted glass lamp shades similar to Loys Lucha.
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