Attributed The Birmingham Guild of Handicraft | Arts & Crafts Electrolier | England c.1900


A fabulous arts and crafts brass and copper electrolier, The lightly-hammered “martele” metalwork and distinctively designed arms typical of The Birmingham Guild of Handicraft is apparently unsigned. The light supports pendant three exceptionally rare vaseline-glass lampshades probably by James Powell & Sons shot through with green opalescence shading to pink and a rare brown colouration. England c.1900

Ht.81cm/32in, Diam.60/24

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The Birmingham Guild of Handicraft 1888-1905

  • Birmingham Guild of Handicraft was an Arts & Crafts organisation. Its motto was ‘By Hammer and Hand’.
  • Around 1888 It began as a loose part of the Birmingham Kyrle Society, then became a more fully formed group within the Kyrle Society in 1890
  • In 1895, the Guild set up as an independent workshop and limited company with the guidance of Edward R. Taylor.
  • The Guild produced furniture and metal-ware, taking special advantage of the switch to electric lighting and the consequent need for new light fittings.
  • Arthur Dixon was the chief designer and head of metalwork workshop. Other members were Albert Edward Jones and Thomas Birkett.
  • Due to commercial pressures, there was a merger with E & R Gittins in 1905


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