Verrerie D’art Degué | Impressive Eight-arm Art Deco Chandelier | France c.1935


A very stylish brass art deco chandelier complimented with eight frosted and polished glass lampshades of stylised floral design and signed Degué. France c.1935

N.B for an additional fee this light can be nickel plated. Please enquire before purchasing.

Ht.94cm/37in, Diam.58/23

Verrerie D’art Degué, Compiègne 1919-1939

David Gueron

  • David Gueron, of Turkish origin and a former fighter of the French Foreign Legion, was the founder of the “Cristalleries De Compiegne”.

  • In 1926 Gueron founded a new factory, which he called “Verrerie D’Art Degue” and put his full attention on the designing and production of Art Deco luxury art-glass.

  • His factory was located on the “Boulevard Malesherbes” and his showroom was on the “41 rue de Paris”.

  • Gueron foolishly copied the designs of other successful French glass artists like Daum, Galle, Muller Frères and Schneider who took him to court.

  • The lengthily law process (1926-1932), cost both firms a lot of money and financially ruined both companies even though Schneider won.

  • When the Second World War started David Gueron shut his classwork and fled France and was lat seen in Paris in 1949.

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