“Ah! La Bonne Pipe” par Aristide de Ranieri | Bronzed-Spelter Figural Night-light | France c.1925


A bronzed-spelter figural night-light of a French Gars lighting his pipe, The scene softly lit by the coal fire, with original brass plaque engraved “Ah! La Bonne Pipe” par De Ranieri . France, c.1925.

Ht.26cm/10in, W.26/10

Aristide De Ranieri

(Italian, 1865–died after 1929)

  • The Italian artist known for his bronze and ceramic sculptures. Born in 1865 in Viareggio of Tuscany, Italy into a family of Tuscan marble sculptors.
  • His education in the art form was provided by his familial workshop in Pietrasanta. In 1893.
  • De Ranieri opened a Parisian sector of the company in the 14th arrondissement, producing commercial pieces in tandem with his own artistic endeavors, which combined classic techniques with the popular Art Nouveau style.
  • Throughout World War I, De Ranieri shifted his subject matter to support France, producing patriotic propaganda and halting his personal practice as a symbol of support.
  • Sadly, Art Nouveau had lost its commercial appeal by the end of the war and the artist’s commercial production dwindled.
  • Details of De Ranieri’s death are unknown, however the date of his last work of art, an aviation medallion, places his death after 1929.
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