Best & Lloyd with John Walsh Walsh | Arts & Crafts Pendant Lampshade | England c.1900

A beautiful arts & crafts pendant vaseline glass lampshade by John Walsh Walsh in moulded honeysuckle design with original gallery by Best & Lloyd of Birmingham. Complimented with original brass flex spacer. England c.1900

Ht.(as displayed-reducible)110cm/43in, Ht.(shade & fit)28/11,

Ht.(shade)20/8, W.14/5.5

Provenance: Best & Lloyd gallery stamped with R.D no.31997, National Archives (see pictures), The Glass of John Walsh Walsh, Eric Reynolds P.42, Pl.7, reg Des.375896 (see pictures)

Best & Lloyd, Birmingham 1867

  • Best & Lloyd founded in 1867 after liquidation of Best & Hobson producing candle lamps
  • By 1900 Best & Lloyd had become the largest lighting manufacturer in the world.
  • In 1928, founder Robert Best’s grandson designed the iconic Bestlite range inspired by the Bauhaus movement.

Stourbridge Glass, Birmingham

Thomas Webb & Sons, Henry G. Richardson & Sons,  Stevens & Williams, John Walsh Walsh

  • The industry was established at the beginning of the 17th century by glass-makers from Lorraine in north-eastern France
  • The industry grew and evolved for the next 275 years and glass from Wordsley, Amblecote and Brierley Hill is recognised as amongst the finest in the world
  • Birmingham Lighting designers such as Best & Lloyd, Faraday & Sons, Osler & Co, James Hinks & Son and Messenger & Sons employ the Stourbridge factories to produce the glass-ware for their lights.
  • Mostly it is impossible to say which firm produced a particular lampshade but some patterns were registered/catalogued and can therefore occasionally be attributed.


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