Etablissement Jean Gauthier (E.J.G) | 2 Art Deco Wall Lights | France c.1930

An pair of wall lights by the famous French designer Etablissement Jean Gauthier (E.J.G). The frosted glass panels of abstract design, apparently unsigned, mounted into their respective original nickel-plated brass frameworks.  France c.1930

Provenance: Google “E.J.G chandelier” for signed images of matching glass and chandelier design.

Etablissement Jean Gauthier (E.J.G)

Rue J.Robert, Paris & Ezanville

  • Jean Gauthier had his first workshop at 12-14 rue Jean Robert in Paris and later expanded with factories in the town of Ezanville.
  • In the early days just after the first world war Gauthier made cameo shades that were sometimes signed Gauthier.
  • Jean Gauthier focused on the production of art deco glassware in moulded-pressed glass.
  • Glass was signed E.J.G for Etablissements Jean Gauthier and J.Robert  based on the street name of the first workshop.
  • In the 30s Gauthier started a line of opalescent art deco glass in a more modernist style these are often signed EZAN France, based on the city of the second plant.
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