Henri Petitot & Hanots | Art Deco Modernist Chandelier | France c.1935


A stunning nickel-plated modernist chandelier in the distinctive style of  Maison Petitot but apparently unsigned. The heavily cast-brass six-arm art deco electrolier supporting an attractive opalescent glass lampshade in the style of Vererries des Hanots. France c1935

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Ht. 60cm/24in W. 76/30

Henri Petitot, Paris 1918-1939

  • The famous Paris based company of Henri Petitot was based at 10 rue du Vert-Bois.

  • His father Antonin Petitot founded the company in 1878. Henri took over after the first worldwar.

  • Petitot was a leader of the modernist movement in the 1930’s and collaborated with Etablissement Jean Gauthier (E.J.G) at Ezanville (EZAN) to produce the glass for many of their lights.

Verreries Des Hanots/ Verlys, Les Andelys

(The Holophane Company, SA)

  • The Holophane Company (France) based at Les Andelys create a specialist art glassware department under the brand name “Verreries des Hanots”.

  • In 1925, in order to expand its artistic production, Verrerie des Hanots creates a brand specialising in art glassware for the table and other decorative objects under the name of Verlys.

  • This name comes from the contraction of VERrerie des AndeLYS.

  • In 1937 Piere D’avesn becomes artistic director at Verreries Des Hanots

  • This artistic devision was unfortunately not very profitable for The Holophane Company and Verlys manufacture is abandoned around 1946.

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