Muller Frères, Luneville | 2 Large Pate-de-verre Plafonniers | Price for each

Two large orange & light-brown pate-de-verre plafonniers signed in the glass  “Muller Fres, Luneville and supplied with original bronze flush finials, chain and ceiling rose. France c.1930

N.B Available to buy seperately.

Bowl Diam. 46cm/18in

Verrerie d’Art Muller Frères, Luneville 1919

  • Henri &  Désiré  learn their trade working as student of Gallé and around 1895 create their own workshop in Luneville.
  • In 1896, the entire Muller family (father, mother and children) live in Nancy. Camille works at Daum’s, Baccarat and then finally he goes to Sèvres. Eugene, Victor and Pierre join the Galle’s workshop.
  • In 1900, Henri leases space inside the Croismare glass-works and transfers there some of the workshops of the Rue Sainte-Anne in Luneville
  • In 1919 Henri and Désiré buy the majority of shares of the Hinzelin’s glassworks and create “Les Grandes Verrerie et Cristalleries de Croismare”.
  • At the same time they create the new company “Verrerie d’Art Muller Frères” to give a name to their activity in Luneville.
  • Glass produced at Luneville are signed “Muller Fres,Luneville” while glass at “Croismare” is signed as such.

N.B Please enquire if you require matching chain fitments

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