Unsigned | 2 Holophane “Stiletto” Prism Reflectors | English early c.20th

A pair of Holophane shades of ribbed convex form and wavy rim, each with brass period chain and gallery for suspension. England early c.20th

Ht.60cm/23.5in, Ht.(shade & gallery)28/11, Diam.21/8.5

The Holophane Company, UK,U.S.A & France

  • In 1893, André Blondel invents the prismatic glass molding, on the principle of the Fresnel lens. The invention is patented under the name “Holophane” whose Greek roots mean “harmonious distribution of light”.

  • In 1898, Otis Mygatt, an American businessman, buys the patent and creates two companies on each side of the Atlantic for the production and sale of Holophane products.

  • Holophane Glass Co. (USA): manufacturing / sales, and Holophane Limited (UK)

  • The year 1920 sees the birth of “Holophane SA” in France. The English company (Holophane Limited) joins forces with a French industrialist to create a production site and installs glassware in Les Andelys. Holophane SA is born.

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