Verreries D’Art Lorrain, Croismare | Art Deco Lantern | France c.1925

A good and impressive art deco ceiling lantern, the stepped geometric frosted and clear glass shade by secondary Daum Frères glass factory Verreries D’Art Lorrain, Croismare and set into a polished wrought-iron mount. France, c1925.


Catalogue picture credited to Michiel Paravas

Verreries D’Art Lorrain, Croismare 1927

Verrerie De Belle-étoile, Daum & Co.

  • Daum Frères employ Pierre D’Avesn to design and supervise production of Art Deco Glassware at the “Croismare” Glassworks which Daum took over in 1927

  • The purpose of buying this factory was to compete with René Lalique and others for the lucrative market of Department Stores and large-scale retailers, particularly in the USA.

  • Art glass produced by Daum’s “Verreries D’Art Lorrain, Verrerie De Belle-étoile” was signed either “P.d’Avesn” or “Lorrain” or “Val”.

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