André Delatte, Nancy | Pate-de-verre Plafonnier | France c.1925

A good quality “Pate-de-verre” plafonnier by André Delatte but apparently unsigned, complimented with delicate original bronze fitments for suspension. France c.1925

D. 35cm/13.5in, Ht.(as displayed) 56/22

André Delatte, Nancy 1921

  • André Delatte founded a small glassworks “Les Verreries de l’Est SA” at Jarville, near Nancy France in 1921
  • Delatte specialized in high-quality cameo glass and Art Deco glassware, in plain or marmoreal glass, with enamelled hot surfaces of friezes with stylized decorations.
  • His glass is signed “A.Delatte, Nancy” and the later glass marked “Javril.” 
  • Delatte also produced variations of popular Daum designs, which resulted in a number of law suits.
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