Attributed Vasart Glass, Strathearn | Coloured-Glass Plafonnier | Scotland c.1960

A decorative coloured-glass plafonnier attributed to Vasart glass-works of Strathearn but apparently unsigned, with replacement brass fitments for suspension. Scotland 2nd half c.20th

Ht.(as displayed)66cm/26in, Diam.30/12

The Vasart Glass Factory, Strathearn (1947-1992)

Vincent Ysart, Augustine Ysart, and Salvador Ysart

  • The Vasart glass factory, originally named Ysart Bros, was founded in 1947 by three brothers, Vincent Ysart, Augustine Ysart, and Salvador Ysart.
  • Their range of glassware was named Vasart glass, the VAS part being created from the brothers initials of their forenames.
  • The work they produced was similar to designs they originally created when working at Monart.
  • The factory changed its name to Vasart Glass in 1956.
  • The name changed again in 1965, this time to Strathearn Glass. Designs at Strathearn were changed slightly, but were very similar to Vasart designs.
  • The factory was taken over by Stuart Glass in 1980, and renamed Stuart Strathearn Ltd.
  • Production ceased in 1992.
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