Charles Ranc & Verreries Schneider | 2 Bed-side Table Lamps | France c.1920


A pair of delicate bed-side table lamps by the famous French designer Charled Ranc in subtle neoclassical taste and complemented with pretty pate-de-verre lampshades in soft mottled colours of  green and pink by the glass-factory of Verreries Schneider. France c.1920

Ht.33cm/13ib, Base: W.18/7,  Dpth.10/4

Charles Ranc, Paris 1909 

  • After the first world-war the Paris based company (rue Amelot street, Bastille) became known for producing lighting in the neo-classical style.
  •  Charles Ranc lights were often designed in gilded bronze fixtures holding pate-de-verre Charles Schneider lampshades.
  • In the 1930’s Art Deco period their lights were modernised in nickel plated bronze or coppered brass mounts using opalescent shades often (but not exclusively) produced by the Jean Gauthier, Ezanville glass factory (EZAN).

Verreries Schneider (Le verre Français), Epinay-sur-Seine 1913

Charles Schneider

  • Charles Schneider was born in Chateau-Thierry, near Paris, on 23rd February 1881.
  • His brother, Ernest Schneider (1877-1937), started working for Daum in 1903 as clerk. Charles had started an artistic career and was already active at Daum since 1898.
  • In 1913, the brothers decided to start their own business and bought a small glass factory in association with a friend Henri Wolf, at Epinay-sur-Seine.
  • In 1918, fire destroyed the studios at Galle and a group of artists went to Schneider’s.
  • Early Cameo glass in art Nouveau style is signed “Le Verre Francais” and “Charder” pseudonym for Charles Schneider
  • Pate-de-verre and art deco glass is signed simply “Schneider”


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