George Leleu, Paris | 2 Art Deco Flush Ceiling Lanterns | France c.1930

A pair of art deco flush ceiling fixtures of geometric form, the strongly-designed polished and frosted glass designed exclusively by George Leleu and produced by Verreries Des Hanots supported in nickel-plated fitments. France c1930

Ht.21cm/8.25in W.12.5/5

Provenance & catalogue picture credited to Michiel Paravas

George Leleu, Paris 1933-39

  • Paris based Designer of Art Deco lighting in the 1930’s
  • Commissioned Verreries des Hanots to produce bespoke designed glass for his light fittings.

Verreries Des Hanots/ Verlys, Les Andelys

(The Holophane Company, SA)

  • The Holophane Company (France) based at Les Andelys create a specialist art glassware department under the brand name “Verreries des Hanots”.

  • In 1925, in order to expand its artistic production, Verrerie des Hanots creates a brand specialising in art glassware for the table and other decorative objects under the name of Verlys.

  • This name comes from the contraction of VERrerie des AndeLYS.

  • In 1937 Piere D’avesn becomes artistic director at Verreries Des Hanots

  • This artistic devision was unfortunately not very profitable for The Holophane Company and Verlys manufacture is abandoned around 1946.

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