A.Gagnon & Charles Schneider | 4 Gilt-brass Art Deco Wall Lights | France c.1925

A set of four Art Deco gilt-brass wall lights, cast in a geometric design, and signed G.A for A.Gagnon. The good quality lampshades designed with chevrons and stylised flower-heads attributed to the Verreries Charles Schneider glass factory and signed “France”. c.1925

These shades were often used by the famous lighting designer of Henri Mouynet on their chandeliers and can be found with the “Mouynet” signature (see Picture).  Schneider did however sell unsigned ones like these to other lighting manufacturers.

Ht.37cm/14.5in, Dpth.20/8, W (Max)

Catalogue picture attributed to Michiel Paravas

A.Gagnon, Paris

Georges Dumaime

  • Lighting Shop at 10 Passage Du Chantier, Paris
  • Employed well known designer Georges Dunaime
  • Some fixtures are signed Dunaime others are signed Gagnon or G.A

Verreries Schneider (Le verre Français), Epinay-sur-Seine 1913

Charles Schneider

  • Charles Schneider was born in Chateau-Thierry, near Paris, on 23rd February 1881.

  • His brother, Ernest Schneider (1877-1937), started working for Daum in 1903 as clerk. Charles had started an artistic career and was already active at Daum since 1898.

  • In 1913, the brothers decided to start their own business and bought a small glass factory in association with a friend Henri Wolf, at Epinay-sur-Seine.

  • In 1918, fire destroyed the studios at Galle and a group of artists went to Schneider’s.

  • Early Cameo glass in art Nouveau style is signed “Le Verre Francais” and “Charder” pseudonym for Charles Schneider

  • Pate-de-verre and art deco glass is signed simply “Schneider”

Henri Mouynet, Paris 1926-1937

  •  Henri Mouynet was a producer of bronze and forged iron lighting fixtures during the interbellum.

  • His lamps were mainly in a neo-classical style but he also produced lighting in a more modern Art Deco style.

  • In 1926 he built a huge building at 11 rue Etienne Marcel prolongée (taday named Roger Verlomme street).

  • The Business was forced into liquidation and sold to H.Markhbeinn  in 1937.

  • The moulded-pressed glass signed H.Mouynet were produced by the well known glass maker’s of Degué and Schneider.


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