Loys Lucha, Paris | Polychrome-Enamelled Plafonnier | France c.1930

A very good and attractive polychrome-enamelled plafonnier suspended with gilt-metal chains. Designed with stylised flower-heads giving a whirlpool effect. Enamelled maker’s mark “Loys Lucha”. France c.1930

Diam,46cm/18in, Ht.(as displayed)58/23

Loys Lucha, Paris

Louis Joseph Chaffard-Luçon

  • Created by Louis Joseph Chaffard-Luçon in Billancourt (Paris) and Nancy the company was active from the 1910’s till the 1930’s.
  • Loys Lucha was a modernist Art Deco lighting company designing polychrome-enamelled glass lamp-shades similar to Maxonade.
  • Specialising in glass enamelling and small-scale metalwork, it may be compared with the Leune company (Heiligenstein).
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