Style of James Hinks & Son | Arts & Crafts Table Lamp | England c.1900


An excellent quality cast brass table lamp in the style of and possibly by James Hinks & Son. The stylish arts & crafts lamp designed with a  “Rococo” feel to the legs with a traditional Edwardian styling to the central column. Complimented with a period vaseline glass Jelly lampshade by James Powell & Sons of Whitefriars Glassworks. England c.1900


James Hinks & Son, Birmingham 1865-1925

  • The Foundation of Hinks success was the invention of the Duplex Oil Burner in 1865
  • Hinks duplex burners were supplied to lampmakers word-wide including Tiffany
  • By 1907 Hinks is producing his own range of Art Nouveau lighting at Great Hampton Street & Hockley Street, Birmingham
  • James Hinks and Son only survived briefly into the new era and was taken over by Falk Stadelmann in 1925

Whitefriars Glass Company, London

James Powell & Sons

  • In 1834 James Powell,  then a 60-year-old London wine merchant and entrepreneur, purchased the Whitefriars Glass Company, a small glass-works off Fleet Street in London.
  • Powell, and his sons Arthur and Nathanael, were newcomers to glass making, but soon acquired the necessary expertise and specialised in making church stain glass windows.
  • During the latter part of the c.19th, the firm formed a close association with leading architects and designers. Whitefriars produced the glass that Phillip Webb used in his designs for William Morris
  • By 1900 production lines of  vaseline and opalescent glass-ware, including lampshades, were proving to be extremely successful with clients such as William Arthur Smith Benson using their glass in the design of their lights.
  • The firm’s name was changed to Powell & Sons (Whitefriars) Ltd in 1919
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