Winfield & Son, Birmingham | Victorian Brass Table Standard | England c1860

A good-quality and very ornate Victorian brass table standard by Winfield & Sons, Birmingham with replacement fabric lampshade, England c.1860

(N.B shade not included)

Winfield & Son, Birmingham (1860-1866)

  • Robert Walter Winfield founded the company at Cambridge Street Works, Birmingham in 1825.
  • Company made brass bedsteads, chairs, gas fittings and exhibited very ornate beds at Great Exhibition of 1851.
  • The firm became R W Winfield & Son in 1860, but son John died in 1861.
  • It became R W Winfield & Co. in 1866 but then Robert Walter also died 1869.
  • The firm deteriorated after this, hastened by a big fire that destroyed stock, tools & patterns.
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