Attributed The Glasgow School | Wrought-Iron Arts & Crafts Lantern | Scotland c.1900

An Impressive oxidised-copper and wrought-iron arts & crafts lantern attributed to The Glasgow School. The large vaseline-glass cylinder shade designed with stylised umbels and exhibiting slight iridescence. Unsigned, Scotland c.1900

Ht.62cm/24.5in, W.33/13, Cylinder ht.33/13

The Glasgow School 1870-1910

  • The Glasgow School was a circle of influential artists and designers that began to coalesce in Glasgow, Scotland  in the 1870’s
  • Representatives included “The Four”, the “Glasgow Girls” and the “Glasgow Boys” who were responsible for creating the distinct Glasgow Style
  • Glasgow experienced and economic boom at the end of the c.19th resulting in an increase in distinctive contributions to the art nouveau movement, particularly in the fields of architecture, interior design and painting.


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